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10 Amazing Benefits of Yoga to Experience this International Yoga Day

With its increasing popularity, yoga has become an integral part of today’s health routine, and all of this is due to the enormous benefits of yoga. The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj,” which means “to connect,” and this explains the integration of various physical poses, breathing exercises, meditation, mantra chanting, and even philanthropic actions into this spiritual discipline. Yoga enables oneself to get connected and aligned with the universe surrounding them in a harmonious way.


The world has realized that inculcating yoga in our daily lives can have a huge positive impact on humanity and we are all set to celebrate our 8th international yoga day on June 21, 2022. But, are you still unable to adapt to yoga? Or are you confused about its efficacy? We have got a list of fantastic benefits of yoga that will make your choice easier and more precise.

The physical benefits of yoga

Yoga was always a part of ancient India’s wellness routine and its roots can be traced to over 5,000 years ago. Performing a few yogic asanas, 10 minutes of meditation, and basic breathing exercises consistently can improve your physical health in this ever-fast-paced life.

1. Yoga for weight loss

Green beverages: a lady performing headstand near the sea on a yoga mat

Obesity is a major concern with current busy schedules. People are turning towards gyms and some are even getting their diets planned for every day by professional dieticians. It is true that a cup of green tea every day can help with weight loss, but if it is combined with a few basic yogic asanas every day, you can achieve your goals faster.

Plank pose, triangle pose, bridge pose, bow pose, downward dog pose, and butterfly pose are some basic asanas for beginners which can help you get started on yoga for weight-loss journey. And if you lack time, a few repetitions of Sun Salutation Pose, which is an amalgamation of 12 different poses, will have a similar effect for you.

2. Regular yoga contributes to heart health.

Yogic kriyas are well known for their effect on heart health. The Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine published a narrative review of several research studies which showed that a few minutes of pranayama can decrease your heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and pulse pressure. Regular yoga asana practice aids in reducing internal inflammation, relieving stress, and increasing blood flow, all of which contribute to better heart health and longer life.

Try bridge pose, triangle pose, and pranayama for a healthy heart.

3. It acts as an immunity booster.

We have all realised the vitality of immunity during COVID, but are we preparing our bodies for any further disease in the future? When you have weak immunity, you are more vulnerable to diseases, so regular yoga is a necessity for a longer life. Researchers have concluded that yogic exercises can enhance cell-mediated and mucosal immunity. Breathing exercises improve the oxygen uptake capacity of the body and thus act as an immunity booster. It may also help in downregulating pro-inflammatory markers.

Try a child's pose and a bow pose for immunity increments.

4. Yoga relieves back pain.

Yogic asanas are a great way to stretch your body, too, on different levels with different types of exercises. Our backs get the worst treatment from being hunched continuously over cell phones and systems. So, it is important to compensate for that torture with some good, fully extended yogic stretches. There is research based evidence that states that yoga should be recommended to lower back pain patients for faster and more effective relief.

Try the cat and cow poses to get relief from chronic back pain and make your back more flexible.

a lady performing cow pose

5. It provides a natural skin glow.

It is a well known and accepted fact that physical exercise provides a natural and healthy glow to the skin. When a person is stretching his whole body during yogic asanas, he is not only increases flexibility but also improves blood flow. An increased blood flow in your body results in an increased supply of oxygen to the cells, and it rejuvenates your skin for the best. Your skin not only glows better, but it also has fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Breathing exercises and meditation relax your mind. You can experience a joyful rush of enthusiasm and your skin glows with happiness.

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6. Yoga for stress

Mental and emotional well-being are often neglected in our competitive world where the only focus is on achieving materialistic things. People neglect minor stress issues and ever-growing anxiety, which at a point in time engulfs their self-esteem and leaves them empty. Getting stressed can be common, but avoiding it shouldn't become common. Evidence shows that yoga acts as a mind-body medicine and stabilizes the autonomic nervous system. Stretching relaxes your body, which in turn relaxes your mind, thus producing a calming sensation.

Yoga also promotes mindfulness, which refers to living in the present moment and having a full experience of what your body and mind is going through. Such practice helps in reducing any future anxiety and makes you squeeze the best out of every moment.

Try mindfulness and Bhramari pranayama to calm your mind.

7. It promotes healthy sleep.

Green beverages: a lady sleeping calmly

A person who sleeps early and sleeps deeply stays happier, right? But sleep has become a luxury these days, with increased physical and mental tensions. Therefore, ensuring good sleep hours is more like a present to your body and mind. Small stretches before bedtime and a 5-minute meditation session can do wonders for your sleep cycle. Meditation aids in the elimination of unwanted thoughts, and yogic asanas relax your muscles in preparation for sound sleep. Numerous studies show that Yoga Nidra can potentially heal insomnia and promote sound sleep in the case of sleep-related disorders.

Try the legs-up-the-wall pose to sleep better.

8. Yoga increases concentration power.

There are numerous benefits of yoga for students, and one such important benefit is an improvement in concentration power. Yoga helps in achieving a balance between mind, body, and soul. Therefore, it helps you achieve a focused vision for the future. When you focus on your breath and sit still for several minutes, you learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. Students are advised to use meditation as an asset to improve their concentration power and relieve any study-related stress during examinations.

Try tree pose and headstand to concentrate better.

9. Consistent yoga practice keeps you energized and happy.

An energized and happy person does the best for themselves and their surroundings. Through consistent yoga practices, a healthy body, a relaxed mind, and a clear vision will mark the best start to your day. Believe me! Once you get into the habit, there is no going back. You might get addicted to the serotonin boost of yoga and the relief you get from anxiety. Go ahead and live happier.

Try a one-minute headstand or legs-up-the-wall pose to relax your mind and feel light. Power yoga is a great way to get a quick serotonin boost and feel more awake in the morning.

10. Yoga uplifts your self-esteem.

hands showing teddy bear, charity boxes and clothes for donation.

The theme of the 8th International Yoga Day is "yoga for humanity", and it is true that compassion and increased self-esteem are one of the most underrated benefits of yoga. Yoga uplifts self-esteem by establishing an internal and external connection derived from auspicious positive energy. It helps you to understand your purpose and worth in this life. You see the world better and feel compassionate.

A few minutes of meditation gives you a glimpse of your actions and their contributions toward the betterment of this world. The consciousness one achieves through yoga inculcates a "feeling of liberation" from this materialistic world and helps in moving towards the nirvana [moksha] state. You feel the need to serve others and use the enlightenment of yoga for humanity.

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