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Why is a glass bottle worth an investment? The 7 amazing reasons

Water is one of the five elements of our body. The blood that flows and carries all the nutrients and gases through our body is 90% water. So, don’t you consider hydration an essential task of the day? Yes, you should, because dehydration kills hundreds of people every year, so you should always have water with you, even when you’re on the move. And our glass bottle does that for you. Investing in a water bottle is the easiest way to eradicate the dizziness and dryness one might go through while travelling on a sunny day.

Why a Water Bottle?

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Dehydration comes with dizziness, thirst, yellow and foul-smelling pee, dry lips, and a dry mouth. Sometimes these symptoms can extend to severe kidney failure if water consumption is taken lightly, so it is advised by health experts that one should consider drinking 6–8 glasses of water every day to keep the body hydrated. 

Carrying a water bottle is the best way to stay hydrated and avoid serious health complications. It helps you keep your clean water available with you throughout the day, whether you are in your office, school, gym, parks, treks, or just cozying up on your sofa and feeling too lazy to pour yourself a glass of water from the kitchen. And drinking water becomes even easier when your water bottle readily comes with a straw and leak-proof lid. Oh, spoilers! 

But how to choose the perfect water bottle when the variety available can confuse anyone easily? PET bottles, commonly known as plastic bottles, stainless steel bottles, copper bottles, and glass bottles, are some of the most commonly demanded kinds of water bottles. Among these, steel and glass bottles are the reusable ones, while PET bottles have a shelf life depending upon the quality of plastic used. What if we say that a glass bottle is the best option among all these, being user-friendly and budget-friendly both?

Don't believe us blindly and read till the end, because here we present you with 6 reasons why investing in a glass bottle can enhance your drinking experience positively and can easily rule out all the other options. 

Why a Glass Bottle?

Glass bottles are getting the recognition they deserve in the commercial space recently. All thanks to the refreshing designs that have molded a simple and transparent glass bottle into a more stylish and sturdier one. Let’s go to more such reasons to replace your PET and metal bottles with glass ones. 

1. Stain-free and odor-free 

If you use a metal bottle or plastic bottle, you must have come across that strange metallic or plastic odor that these bottles impart to the water stored inside them. Chemicals that leak out of the bottles make these smells even stronger when they are stored at higher temperatures or for longer periods of time.

Apart from the odor, metallic bottles are also prone to rust if stainless steel has not been used. Improper maintenance and careless cleaning can also damage your bottle with stains. If you want to get rid of this odorous water and vulnerable bottles, our glass bottles are for you. Made with 100% high borosilicate glass, glass bottles are stain-free and ensure odor-less water even after long storage durations. 

2. A safe drinking experience. 

Glass is considered the best storage medium as it does not contain any toxic chemicals that can leach into the food items and beverages. Unlike metal bottles and PET, which can potentially leak BPA and phthalates to intoxicate your water, glass bottles give you a natural drinking experience without any harmful effects. Bisphenol A, which is what this BPA stands for, is known to cause problems in the endocrine and central nervous systems.

The water tastes the same and remains fresh even if left for hours. Due to the high clarity of borosilicate glass, you can easily do a quality check on your drinks. Its highly durable nature makes it perfect for storing any kind of beverage even a warm herbal green tea, and it can also maintain the temperature longer than that of a plastic bottle.

3. Eco-friendly and non-toxic 

people collecting plastic bottles near the river for recycling.

Plastic waste has become a health hazard to both terrestrial and aquatic organisms because of the longest duration it takes for degradation. Not only is it non-biodegradable, it also releases some of the most harmful gases during degradation. When polyethene terephthalate (PET) breaks down, it gives off ethylene and methane gases, which are known as greenhouse gases and are thought to contribute to global warming. The microplastics which are released from these plastic bottles upon reaching the bodies of water interfere with the aquatic habitats and cause problems with the growth and behavioral traits of fish. Another review suggested that ingestion of microplastics can cause disruption in gut microflora and may lead to the development of chronic immune disorders.

Switching to reusable glass bottles [RGB], which do not release any harmful chemicals or micro particles and can be easily recycled to form other products, is an effective way to reduce the height of plastic dumps.

4. Bamboo Lid and Bamboo Straw

Green Beverages: glass bottle with lid and straw

Bamboo has been used for ages for storage purposes because it is safe and non-toxic. It is also compostable and biodegradable, unlike plastic. Thus, using bamboo for the lid and straw of the bottles makes your bottle even more natural and eco-friendly. Unlike those plastic-lidded metal bottles which claim to be BPA free, you can be assured that these leak-proof bamboo lids are definitely BPA free. Even the lid seal is made using food grade silicone to make sure you sip your drink in its most natural state.

There cannot be a better combination than a glass bottle with a bamboo straw. You don't have to worry about opening the lid manually while driving or walking with a lot of stuff in your hands. The long straw enables you to take a sip anywhere, anytime without making too many efforts to stay hydrated. This glass tumbler with a lid and straw is the perfect companion to carry your beverages on the move.

5. Supported with a Silicone Sleeve 

Green Beverages: glass bottle with muted pink silicone sleeve.

Glass bottles can often be slippery due to the smoothest texture they have. Don't worry, the best ones have a silicon sleeve that not only gives you a nice grip but also protects your water bottle from getting damaged. These silicone sleeve glass bottles are sweat-proof, shock-proof and stylish. 

You can choose your own personalized bottle from the many options of muted colors.

7. Stylish and comfortable.

Style and trends are evolving every day. The trends today are bending more towards the use of natural products instead of synthetic ones. Carrying a glass bottle with a muted coloured silicone sleeve and bamboo accessories can make you stand out easily. While you look stylish with a glass bottle matching your ensemble, you feel safe with zero risk to your health and to the environment.

8. Simple to clean and long-lasting.

Plastic and metal bottles are difficult to clean owing to their small openings. In contrast, the glass tumblers have a wide mouth that eases the cleaning process and enables you to add bigger pieces of ice-cubes and fruits to your beverages. The transparency also helps you to clean the bottle efficiently as the stains can be easily spotted. The silicone sleeve is removable, so a thorough cleaning can be done.

Borosilicate glass does not lose its clarity and texture even after multiple washes, making it a highly durable storage material. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, so you can easily store warm beverages without being bothered about cracks and shaped moldings.

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